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Sunshine Farm's Old Time Scoth Collie MontanaThis is Montana, an Old Time Scotch Collie. Collie means "useful" in Gaelic. There is no better way to describe the Old Time Scotch Collies. They are dogs bred for work with high intelligence and drive to please their owner. Many people who have Scotch collies describe them as biddable with amazing temperaments and ability to foresee what you want them to do without much direction, sometimes before you even know what needs to be done. The Old Time Farm Shepard website has a great article about these dogs and some of their amazing traits.

Some of these dogs excel at herding, guarding property, keeping pests away (raccoon, deer), protecting livestock, agility, and therapy work. All of these dogs make loving companions. Their coats have been described as made of Teflon because they require so little maintenance. Their double coat allows them to safely work in a variety of temperatures and conditions.

Montana spends her days watching over the inhabitants of Sunshine Farm outside of Asheville, North Carolina. She is a near constant companion to our 3 children on our 10 acre homestead. She minds them when they go off to play in the woods and puts herself between the children and any "danger", like someone new on our property or even another dog. Montana shows true concern for the children and will warn me when they are sledding or going down our slip n' slide, which she apparently deems as too dangerous for them. She keeps the gradens and orchard deer and racoon free, has treed woodchucks (I didn't even know woodchucks could climb trees!), and even warned us of a rat snake going after baby blue birds in a birdhouse. Montana lives with and watches over chickens, goats, and cats. Yes, she is useful.

Sunshine Farm is one of the Founding Members of the Old Tim Scotch Collie Association, a non-profit organization made up of breeders and experienced OTSC caretakers dedicated to the preservation of this unique breed.

The OTSCA offers a way to connect breeders of Old-Time Scotch Collies with people interested in the breed, the money they collect for memberships and registration fees goes towards promoting the dogs to a wider audience. Please join us in reviving the beautiful, smart, landrace collies that were so popular as farm helpers and pets one-hundered years ago.

Montana's Gallery

Thanks to Brina Brinkerhoff of Heritage Hill Farm for the pics of Montana when she was a puppy. You can learn more about Montana's puppy days at Brina's website One Good Farmdog


Heritge Hill's Montana

Call name: Montana

OTSC Registration: OTSC-F-719

DOB: 4/15/16

Color: Shaded sable and white

Weight: 70 lbs

Eyes: clear/normal CEA(Collie Eye Anomaly)

MDR1: carrier/not affected

Puppy Application

We are not taking applications at this time. Our next litter is planned for 2023. Please email us to get on our wait-list. We'll email to let you know when we are taking applications for that litter.

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