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Old Time Scotch Collie 2019 Puppy Page

We were hoping this would be a birth announcement but sadly, it seems Montana has had a false pregnancy. She had many signs of pregnancy including: weight gain, enlarged teats, milk production!!, nesting behavior, moodiness, and was resting a ton. She seemed very mellow over the weekend and very attentive to her 1+ yr old pup from previous litter, but is now back to her active, hunting and guarding self. Our only clues that something was amiss was that she didn’t lose her hair around her teats and they weren’t as swollen as with her previous litter. She has now passed the typical window of gestation based on her breeding dates. We are quite sad and Montana seemed to have a few days of sadness as well. Right now, we are not sure if we will have a litter with her next heat or wait until next summer. If you would like to be added to our wait list, please let me know and we will keep in touch. We wish you all the best in finding the best puppy for you and yours.